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Keep up to date with the events we organise and exciting news we want to share with our services users, their families and local authorities. 

We are more than happy to share stories of what  our clients and their families are up to and share their stories with us. 

Throughout the year you can keep up to date with what we are organising and be a apart of our news stories. 

Supporting numerous charities and continuingly carrying out philanthropy work is apart of ASK Care founding objectives which has continued throughout the years and will continue to do so. 

Till date ASK has raised money for a number of charities, to mention a few; 

Save the Children, 

Age Concern

Care Uk

Cancer Research UK

Dementia UK

Children with cerebral Palsy

Red Nose Day

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Keep up-to-date with our quarterly newsletter, which can be downloaded on the link below.

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